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Our Story

The story of a dream that ultimately became reality. The story of Mufasa Biltong’s generational road to success…

Grandma Katie’s recipe has been crafted to perfection, mixing only her secret mix of spices together, tested and approved for generations to come. The secret recipe was passed down to Johann du Plooy who had a divine inspiration from God in 2007 to fulfill his dream of opening a biltong shop and to date his sons, Hanru and Marinus, are also holding the recipe very close to their hearts.

Superior MSA grade beef, handpicked for selection, precisely cut to perfection, using the secret mix of spices to match the educated palate of the Connoisseur, then air-dried using low temperature control, is what makes Mufasa Biltong so delicious.

The final product is matched with a unique texture of tenderness, superbly dried on the outside and the qualities of smooth varieties of bursting flavours waiting on the inside.

Today, Mufasa biltong are being JUDGED against challengers who have tried, but still there’s only one source of protein that has stayed unmatched, unchangeable and impossible to create – The HANDCRAFTED TO PERFECTION BILTONG from MUFASA.

Enjoy your next mouthful as you fill your hands with a perfectly presented piece of Mufasa Biltong, as it was from the beginning…

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